Words, such trivial, insignificant clumps of characters, jotted down or uttered by the most careless of people at the most random of times. We use them to achieve our daily agendas, to forge or sever bonds, and even utter them at our very last breath before they are sealed forevermore. Words, they have the power to strike at the hearts of the strongest men; they can be seeded throughout society and stir hatred and chaos for those who feed on their fruits.

See! How colourful they paint our mind’s eye, spiriting us away to an otherworldly realm. Hear! How they bestow courage and joy when they are sorely needed. Feel! Oh how malleable they are under the hands of wordsmiths; how they can be moulded into shapes to form a masterpiece.

I envy those who can convey and paint their inner thoughts impeccably. They invite the world to have a glimpse of their souls, whether they be dark unfathomable enigmas, vigorous rays of light, or a whirling mix of both. In a sea of literary artists, I am merely an amateur, attempting to sketch their bold lines with cheap crayons. At times, I feel so tiny when I am surrounded by a forest of sculpted words.

There are wordsmiths who shape their thoughts with ink or a keyboard, and there are also those whose finesse lies in their muscular hydrostat, in the pipes and cogs that stretch from their lips to their throats: Orators! Eloquent public speakers that can be found showcasing their talents to the world through debates or speeches.

These master wordsmiths can string everyday words together so effortlessly and brighten up someone’s day, they can cause their audience to leave with smiles, or tears, or both! They can draw their wit like a flashing dagger, or dress their wisdom in a robe of mindfulness. They are quite often found speaking or writing to anyone who is willing to read or listen.

So I ask myself: Can I, someone whose words fail to surface whenever I get too excited, join their ranks someday? I would like to believe that it’s possible, even though that goal still seems so distant. Nevertheless, I would still dare to dream that someday, I would be walking with the masters themselves.


Written by Nicole Phong (MBBS Stage 1)

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