The Best Gender

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The Best Gender
If, by some miraculous chance, you were able to choose which gender to be born into, which would you choose?

I remembered way back when I was 5 years old, I stumbled upon a magazine with a picture of a baby growing up. But instead of a typical picture of a baby girl growing up to be a woman, it followed an odd route, with the adorable baby girl growing up to be a little boy, who grew up to be a cool female teenager, which then grew up to be a young adult man, and finally grew into a success married woman. Being a curious little girl myself, I asked my mom if I would be a boy next year? She simply answered “yes”. I waited to see if I could become a boy, but the changes never came. It only hit me when I was 11 that it would never happen to me.

For roughly 7 years I waited eagerly to become a boy overnight. I wanted to play and hang out with my cousins, many of them being boys. I didn’t want them to go easy on me or exclude me whenever we were playing together just because I am a girl.

What’s so good about being born a girl then? Well, statistically speaking, women do live longer. We never have to worry if we would go bald past our thirties unless we have cancer. Biological facts aside, I think that women also have a well-tuned intuition. They are more aware of their hunches or gut feelings. As for me, my hunches usually turn out to be right, except when it comes to my exams of course!

Unfortunately, women’s hormones go haywire from time to time. Our natural cycles have a wonderful side effect of making us feel a mix of heightened emotions like rage and depression at the same time. Speaking of which, why do our uterine linings have to shed every month? Do we have to experience regular intervals of ridiculous abdominal cramps? Besides that, the number of things that a girl needs for hygiene and self-care is absolutely ridiculous. It’s harder than maintaining a car.

What is nice about being a man? For starters, men tend to make more money than women on average. Have you ever wondered why most CEOs are male? That’s because leadership roles are traditionally seen as part of their identity. Not that a woman can never achieve this, it’s just that women have many more hoops to jump through to reach to the top. Other than that, society has been wired to give less scrutiny to a man’s outward appearance. I wonder if that is why men take far less time to get ready to get out of the house every day.

On the flipside, men are expected to be stoic and have a stiff upper lip when it comes to their emotions. Not only does this create problems in communication, it leads to much lower rates of diagnosis of mental health problems because lads have always been told to “man up”. Sure, women are always labelled as “being emotional”, but the silver lining from that is our freedom to be more expressive and better acquainted with our psyche.

So, if someone were to ask me today if I can choose to be born as a girl or a boy, who knows what my answer will be. But what about you? What’s your pick?

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