If I may summarise my thoughts ever so succinctly about this movie, it would be:

“A ‘fresh’ take on ‘James Bond’ with young blood imbued in every scene quite literally, unpacking action sequences akin to sipping on a richly cool pink smoothie, where its excellent choreography and setting of violence and resulting deaths I’m not sure I should be applauding. It makes you think about what’s really acceptable. Hint: Oxford, not brogues.”

Now, if only the last few scenes could be better. Up till then, I was really amazed with most executions. But those, please let it be gone. Doing away with it would have let me taken Eggsy more seriously at the end. Also, the pug’s name “J.B.” could have been anything, and it drives me mad as our favourite Justin Bieber immediately crops up in mind. Still, you have to agree that it works for the humour. Come on, by now you gotta realise both Eggsy and J.B. are about the same age… You see where I’m getting at? Well okay, perhaps getting lots of good laughs throughout the movie made up for it.

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