Seeing his opponents heading for the lay-in, he dashed forward in attempt to guard the basket. As he jumped for the block, he knocked himself over a player defending before him. He lost balance due to inertia, causing him to lean forward, flipped over mid-air, and landed on the ground, chin first. It all happened so fast only to see his legs in the air, followed by a loud thud.

In a split-second the court grew still. No chattering, no cheering, no movements. To many, this is by far the worst accident they ever witnessed in a basketball game. “My goodness, is he okay?” “What happened?” “Hope he has not hurt his spine.” “Thank God, he is still moving!”

The organizers acted efficiently: first-aiders were summoned and an ambulance was called. He was applauded while being carried away in a stretcher.

That is the essence of sportsmanship – it is not that you won or lost, but how you play the game. Sometimes we fall and injure ourselves, but it does not matter as long as we embraced the team spirit. Sometimes we devote ourselves to intense training with high hopes of winning, but it does not matter as long as we played with our best effort. Sportsmen usually say winning is not everything, it is the only thing. True enough, there will only be ONE winner in a competition, but it definitely does not make the rest losers. Anyone who plays with an attitude that strives for fair play, ethical behaviour and integrity is a winner. The real value of a sportsman radiates when he takes pride in victory and defeat.

Through the passion for sports and its competitive nature, the NUMed Games 2015 gathered representatives from 7 universities to celebrate the sportsmanship of university students. It also showed what medical students have to offer by defying the stigma that medical students are only “booksmart”. NUMed is an institution which establishes itself not only on the academic excellence of students, but also grace in their well-rounded nature. The Games is a celebration of the talents and remarkable capabilities of students, and is also a recognition of a strong inter-varsity relationship.

The injured player turned out to be fine in the end, and recovered to a jolly spirit, which was good news to everybody. If there is a message to take away from the NUMed Games, it would be that sports has a noble potential to bring people together, to unite and to connect. Uncalled accidents might happen, but it will bring the best out of people — to win, one would push against their own limits and step out of their comfort zone. Likewise in the game of life: If you fall, rise up and just press on.

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