I often sit in my basement with the lights switched off,

but then eventually get scared of the dark as I hear someone scoff.

I have my eyes shut tight,

but it’s still the same kind of fear,

that keeps me away from light.

In each new minute,

my mind kills me in a different way leaving me in tears,

when it picks up scenarios

after it learns more from the world of fears.

How harrowing humans can be,

when their vicious and insane

intentions set free.

And when I peek out of the basement in hopes of a bright future to a murky past,

I see no bright light, or the green grass

or crystal blue water or the sun kissed sky,

all of which I was promised in the books I was saved by.

But the world created by the in-betweens of covers of books,

is only destroyed by reality, as pleasant as it looks.

Alas! It’s only fantasy, where good prevails,

for the evil humans bring obliterate fairy tales

And abets the burning sun and the brown grass to die

and green water and grey smoke laden sky.

None of which I see from my basement.

And in my basement, they cannot see me.

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