Hey, Friend.


Dear Friend,

You crossed my mind today.

I saw you in your lovely blue dress

Laughing out loud

Like you always did to my lame jokes.


How long has it been?

Seems like just yesterday,

You were teasing me endlessly

For the new haircut that I didn’t like.


Did you know that I never deleted your phone number?

It just sits there in my Favourites.

I stare at it every time I miss you.

Those numbers are the only ones I can ever remember.


Dear Friend,

I hope you know of my jealousy.

How much it aches me seeing you with him.

I think you deserve better

But somehow

You prefer the shoulders of the person who makes you cry more.


I bet you knew,

That I knew the things you never wanted me to know,

That I found out about your lies,

That I chose to trust you all the same.


I’m grateful for the distance between us

For the past is something you can’t forgive,

And something I can’t forget.

How I wish things were different.


Dear Friend,

What if I lost all my memories of you one day

Just like most male leads in the dramas you love,

Will you hold on to our bittersweet times?

Can we start over anew?


I’m sorry for all our broken promises,

For all our silent resentments,

And how neither of us tried to clear this mess.

Everything just happened, just like that.


I have a new girlfriend now

And I can’t help but to wonder if

The both of you will get along like a house on fire

Or you’ll hate her like you hated my ex.


Hey Friend,

I wish I can tell you that I have a new friend now.

Sadly, all I ever had was you.

You are that friend.

That friend who should’ve stayed no matter what.



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