For the freshmen out there who have just entered university, you’re all set out to make your mark in this “new life” by first making new friends from all over the world, then partying hard, getting drunk, attending lectures half-awake….. Three to four weeks in, you realised “Oh no, what is Prof X talking about???”, then you face-palmed while muttering “I really need to start getting my sh*t down…”. No problem, but there is a problem – you have contracted the Fresher’s Flu and it’s only helpful in getting you to sleep.

Yes this is a more common scenario abroad, not in Malaysia, “Fresher’s Flu” itself is a British term. However, I haven’t been a Freshman in Malaysia so I am not sure if you current students are experiencing the same… Fresher’s flu is simply, a bad cold. Now medical students, name me the common symptoms! No? Get out of the class!

I am not writing this article to tell you to take preventive measures against this, because, you cannot really – as many as 90% of the students would contract the illness. Yes, the number is very high, but why? When the academic year starts in UK – around the end of September to the beginning of October – there is a convergence of large numbers of people coming from around the world bringing in various pathogens. Obviously, not everyone will have acquire the necessary immunity yet. In addition to that, poor lifestyles including diet and late nights, homesickness and stress from trying to adapt to a new environment makes one more susceptible to the infection as your immune system is weaken.

Question is, what about the other 10% of students? How did they resist the flu? Or maybe, the 10% of you can just give us the answer. Medical students, work your brain and leave some suggestions!

I would give you some tips myself, but chances are, you’d rather enjoy your fresher’s week than go for these “boring” recommendations I have in mind. Good Luck!

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