Greetings to all reading this! I would like to share a little about my experience entering NUMed as a foundation student.


The Unexpected Journey

Only one week before the start of the course did I register for it; so initially, I did not know that I would end up in this university. I didn’t even make it for orientation! I chose NUMed because of the MBBS course it offers, not expecting much. However, upon entering the university and the course itself, I was left with a very good impression. The staff here are very helpful and approachable! Except for their small sizes, the facilities here are wonderful – in good shape and high-tech. Though it would be nice to expand the size of the facilities, it is currently sufficient to accommodate all of us.

NUMed’s accommodation, Horizon Residence, pampers its university students. I have checked out the accommodations provided by other universities, and they pale in comparison. Through the accommodation provided by NUMed, I can say that the university really cares about its students. Horizon Residence, with such a conducive environment for studying, makes you feel guilty for not scoring well in exams! (NUMed has its own strategies to produce high-quality students, and its accommodation is one.)


How Being Spoon-fed Spoilt Me . . . (And How Did I Get Out of The Black Hole)

Now, what shocked me the most in the beginning of my time at NUMed was my first chemistry lecture – I didn’t understand anything my lecturer was teaching! During all my years in secondary school, this never happened to me. I did not prepare for any classes nor did much read ups after classes but mostly breezed through them. During those days, I was spoon-fed by teachers and given substantial notes by them.

After that chemistry lecture in NUMed, I was worried (no kidding). I went to as many bookstores as I could around Bukit Indah to hunt for reference books. Who knew that the transition from secondary school to university would be so tough! To understand that chemistry lecture, I referenced several books regarding that specific topic. After the nerve-tingling experience of not understanding that chemistry lecture, I read up before every lecture to prevent it from happening again. As scary as the experience was, it actually taught me a skill – self-studying. Now, I have learned to feed myself, I have learned to be an adult learner.


I thank God for this opportunity to study in NUMed. Throughout the foundation course, I have learned a lot of things. I am looking forward to embarking on a life-long journey in the medical field. Let’s hope this journey will be a fruitful one.


Thank you for spending your time to read this short sharing of mine; hope we can one day meet and be friends!

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